night time potty training

7 Night time potty training ideas

  Introducing night time potty training Potty training is the process of teaching a toddler how to control their bodily functions while urinating and defecating while using a potty chair. Nevertheless, this procedure is generally intended to teach children to use the toilet during the day. A separate but related night time potty training is… [read more]

Training twins to go potty

5 Tips on How To Train Twins To Use Potty

Raising twins gives parents twice the dose of everything and that includes potty training. The good news is that each twin can be a positive influence on the other because peer pressure is a powerful force. The duo can motivate each other to get with the potty program. Train twins to use potty Look for… [read more]

Potty training vocabulary

Teaching Your Child the Proper Potty Training Vocabulary

Parental Guidance Proper potty training vocabulary greatly depends on the proper guidance of the parents. Poor guidance may mean a poor start to life. We’ll look at the basic rules as well as vocabulary to use so as to ensure that your child grows as up to be a clean responsible individual. The proper language… [read more]