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Teaching your toddler how to go potty doesn’t have to be difficult, but for many parents it’s the cause of much stress for them and tantrums or accidents for your toddler. Much of this is normal but we’re here to help with some friendly advice.

Our Potty Training Tips is here to help you!

Each of our posts will normally have a highlighted Tips box (like the one below) and simple to understand guidance on what to do in a particular situation. Of course, we understand that not every toddler is the same and some of these tips may not work with your precious little boy or girl, but they are great places to start yourself and your toddler off on a path that isn’t setting them (or you) up to fail from the start.

Tips for Potty Training
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potty training tips

Potty Training Tips

The best place to start if you’re not sure is to check our the Getting Started posts. They’ve been carefully selected to be a great starting point for all your questions. If you’re looking for that one post that can get you started, then I’d recommend Ten Signs that your Toddler is Ready to Start Potty Training. To stay up to date with what we have to offer, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter. This is an informal weekly newsletter with exclusive content not found on the website directly. We aim to be the biggest and best resource for potty training tips and toilet training your toddler in general so we hope to see you back again. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions, questions or tips of your own. We’d love to hear from you.

Recommendations and review

From time to time, I’ll review products. These may range from toddler toilets to iPhone apps. I will have tried these products myself (if I’ve not, I will tell you clearly in the text. At the end of the review I will most definitely tell you if I recommend them or not.

We have a really great system in place to show simply the score of any product I review out of 10 points and each review will have a quick summary so you’ll see really quickly whether or not you want to read the review in more detail.

If there’s a product you’d like me to review, please drop me a message.

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when to potty train a girl

When to potty train a girl

Starting out

when to potty train a girlA child progresses through several stages which are all very important to their development. Since birth, a number of changes take place in the body and enable the child to have particular capabilities. Therefore, it is only at a certain point in her life when a child can be taught to do a certain thing. There are guidelines that are provided by medical practitioners on what is the right time to teach a child to do a certain thing. A question has always been asked, what is the right time to start training your child to use potty? This article seeks to answer this question in totality. It seeks to establish when to train a girl child to start using a potty. This is important because the timing may be very different when the gender of the child is put into consideration.
What is the right time to start your child to use potty?
The success of potty training girls depends on when she is ready. If the process is began before she is ready, it is likely to take longer than usual. A girl may be able to start using a...

potty training out of the house

How to continue potty training when out of the house


Teaching your child to start using the potty or toilet is a great and a very exciting experience for you both. Mothers and guardians or child minders are advised that they should stay very positive and calm no matter how challenging this training may become. It may seem like ages before the child gets used to using the potty, but do not lose hope. Do not pressure your child. Relax and let them learn at their own pace. Encourage your child with positive reminders and stories. It is a child's desires to make their parents happy thus praising him or her is powerful encouragements that will make the child learn faster. If the training is done in a proper way, majority of the kids learn and adopt the idea very fast. Although some children may take quite some time before getting this idea, but eventually they do learn to use the potty. Mothers, guardians or child minders should wait for signs show that the child is ready for the potty training.

potty training out of the houseTaking potty training outside the house

In most times, potty training is done in the house, but at some stage the training goes outside the...

Fear of flushing toilet

Potty Training Tips – Fear of flushing

Fear of flushing toiletFear of flushing

Potty training is hard enough, but when fear of flushing comes into play, things get even tougher. Not only is it hard enough getting your child on the toilet in the first place, but a lot of times your child will be afraid of being flushed down the toilet as well as the rushing water sound. There are a few resolutions to this. First of all your child shouldn't be forced to stand by the toilet while it flushes. Parents shouldn't force anything. Instead, think of this as a process that likely won’t get better overnight. Gradually introduce your child to flushing over time. You can do this by having your child stand outside the door, or perhaps the next room. Just as so your child can hear the toilet flushing. Again, this is a gradual process. Here are a few key steps.
  • Flush the toilet with your child standing outside the door. It may take a while for him or her to get used to this. When it stops being so scary from the outside, it’s time to move to the next step.
  • Have your child step into...

bed wetting

Bed wetting: What can you do to stop it?

bed wettingIs your child still wetting the bed?

Do not be discouraged; bed wetting is a common phenomenon in children below the age of 10. You should put more emphasis on potty training to avoid these night-time incidences. Is it time to potty-train your child? The success of potty training your child mostly hinges on their emotional and physical readiness. If your child has not shown any interest in potty training by the age of two, do not push them. There is no rush, just teach them when they are ready. How will you know when your child is ready? They are ready when they;
  • Stay dry for longer periods of time.
  • Complain about wet and dirty nappies.
  • Communicate through facial expressions whenever they are ready to go.
  • Can follow basic instructions.
  • Pull their pants up and take them off on their own.
When you decide that it’s time to start potty training your child, ensure that you keep a positive attitude. You should not expect bed wetting to stop overnight. Give your child plenty of time to adjust to the new system. Place the potty chair in your bathroom so that your child can get used...

night time potty training

7 Night time potty training ideas

  night time potty training

Introducing night time potty training

Potty training is the process of teaching a toddler how to control their bodily functions while urinating and defecating while using a potty chair. Nevertheless, this procedure is generally intended to teach children to use the toilet during the day. A separate but related night time potty training is also needed to teach your child stay dry at night during sleep to prevent bed-wetting behaviour. Here are some night time potty training ideas. Like in the usual potty training, this kind of training has a prerequisite because it requires preparation on the part of the child to make it possible for at all. The toddler must already have experience on day potty training before, and he or she must be familiar enough with the bed and have the ability to get on and off it.

Night time ideas

Here are some Night time potty training tips to help your child.
  • Dry diaper in the morning - Your child should have been woken up at least three to four mornings with a dry diaper or pull-up to start the night potty teaching.
  • Establish a good routine- Taking him/her or...

Training twins to go potty

5 Tips on How To Train Twins To Use Potty

Training twins to go pottyRaising twins gives parents twice the dose of everything and that includes potty training. The good news is that each twin can be a positive influence on the other because peer pressure is a powerful force. The duo can motivate each other to get with the potty program.

Train twins to use potty

Look for the signs that show that your twins are ready to start using the potty. If they feel uncomfortable and seek privacy when they have wet their nappies or ask to be changed, this is a strong sign that they are ready for some potty training.

1. Don’t Stress Yourself Trying To Train The Twins At The Same Time

If you have paternal twins like a boy and a girl, they will learn at different times, probably a year apart. All children are different but most parents will rush into training them at the same time. If you are lucky, the less eager twin will somehow show some interests and catch up with one who is ready for potty classes.

2. Buy Two Different Potties

There are some things that twins can’t share and a potty is one of...

Potty training vocabulary

Teaching Your Child the Proper Potty Training Vocabulary

Potty training vocabularyParental Guidance

Proper potty training vocabulary greatly depends on the proper guidance of the parents. Poor guidance may mean a poor start to life. We’ll look at the basic rules as well as vocabulary to use so as to ensure that your child grows as up to be a clean responsible individual.

The proper language to use

It’s highly recommended to use the same word each and every time as this will allow your child to learn faster. Using different words for the same product or meaning maybe contradicting to both young and older toddlers. Always ensure that the first word you introduced your child to is the same word you will use until the kid grows old enough to learn from their friends or other family members. It’s also highly advisable to always talk to your child when changing nappy and washing them. In doing this, you give your child the opportunity to easily understand the basics and this makes the child to easily use the potties as they will know when to ask for it when a call comes through. Obscene words such as "sh*t" or "crap" should be highly discouraged...

add reminder

Review: iOS Potty Trainer ++

I was asked via a random Twitter post to review the following iOS application called Potty Trainer++. So let's get started.

Free to install

Potty Trainer++ is one of those free to install apps that offer in app purchases. To start with, I'm not a huge fan of in app purchases but I also know it's a great way to get exposure to your app and encourage customers to initially download your app then make some money from offering purchases from within the app.

In app purchases

Pack Stickers Price
1 4 €0.89 €0.00
2 10 €1.79 €0.89
3 30 €2.69 €1.79
  In order to get the free stickers, click on any sticker from Pack #1 and click on "View Details". Then follow the 'are you an adult question' followed by your iTunes password then you'll get pack #1 for free. This let me play around with the achievement (get 10 stickers to promote to green cap. One thing I noticed: Missing a space after all those exclamation marks (!) before the child's name. Prices have been changed as indicated below in the comments. To save your from...

Are you ready?

How to tell if my son is ready to potty train

Potty training: True life experience

Are you ready?I have a 29 month old son called Aethyn. He's at that stage where going to the toilet is something he's becoming aware of and it peaks his curiosity when Daddy goes.

How to tell if my son is ready to potty train

Although he's not quite ready to do full blown potty training, here's some things I've noticed. I've split the observations into ready to start toilet training and not ready. These are true life observations, not some doctor randomly regurgitating information from various sources.

Ready to Potty Train

  • He frequently wakes up after his nap with a dry nappy This is good. It means he has bladder control which will allow him to hold onto his wee until he makes it to the potty.
  • He knows all of the important key words for potty training
    • Up
    • Down
    • Wet
    • Dry
    • Poo
    • Pee
    • Potty
    • Toilet
  • He get's uncomfortable when he's got a poo in his nappy (he doesn't like to sit down)
  • He is curious when daddy goes to pee and help to flush afterwards
  • When we have nappy free time, he knows to go to the potty to have a wee.

Not Ready to start potty training

  • He doesn't always tell us...

night time potty training

Potty Training for Night Time

Day Time Sorted?

night time potty trainingPotty training for night time is very different from your day time success (it has been a success, yes? If not we'd recommend getting daytime potty training sorted). It's important to keep the two skills separate and not expect that because your child is daytime potty trained that he'll automatically be adept at staying dry during the night.


If you're toddler isn't in his own toddler bed yet (still in a crib with safety bars) then he's not yet ready. Here are some other signs to determine if your toddler is on the right track:
  • Is he already day time potty trained?
  • Can get out of bed at night if necessary?
  • Does he wake up in the morning regularly with a dry nappy?
    • If he wakes up and the nappy is full but has warm urine he still may be ready.
  • Does he call out to go to the toilet during the night?
  • If he's already in his own toddler bed, does he get up to ask to go potty?


If you've been successful at daytime toilet training, you'll already have a great vocabulary going with your little one. He'll understand what a...