Is Potty Training Regression A Myth?

Potty Training Regression – A myth?

We hear it all over forums and websites all about potty training, but is potty training regression a real thing or is it a myth?Potty Training Regression

Regression implies that your toddler was potty trained in the first place. How do you know that this was the case and are now concerned that your toddler has regressed back to not wanting to go potty. Properly Potty Trained means that your child wanted to go on the potty every time, every day. If they have accidents every day and don’t seem to care if they do have accidents, can’t and shouldn’t be considered potty trained.

Show Your Positive Side

It’s hard to not be disappointed when your child has an accident (on purpose or not) but showing this to your toddler may actually lead to more potty training troubles. You should try to stay positive, even though you know you’ll have to start again with nappies and there’ll be more accidents to come.

Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis  is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root cause of faults of problems. Instead of treating the symptoms, we need to look deeper into why your toddler is having accidents. For example, lots of children start to have accidents after or during a time of transition. Starting a new toddler group, a baby brother or sister comes home for the first time or even moving home can all contribute to your child regressing. It’s very likely that your toddler will get back on track to mastering potty training once the stress in their lives start to settle down. Pooing can also be a cause of regression for toddler particularly if pooing is causing them discomfort of pain. Your child may simply try to avoid having to push and straing and avoid the potty altogether. Make sure your toddler is eating and drinking enough fiber and water and as you re-introduce the potty make sure to keep it fun with their favourite books and games.

Did they Forget to go Potty?

Sometimes accidents happen simply because your toddler is busy running around and having fun and just doesn’t want to stop to sit on the potty. To help with this, let your child know that it’s normal to sometimes forget to use the potty and let them know that they’re still a ‘big boy’. Lead your toddler to the potty every few hours until they are back on track. Make sure that all guardians that look after your child are following the same strategy for success.

Top Tip!
Encourage your toddler to try to use the potty when they first wake up, before meals, before bedtime and anytime your about to go out of the house.

Final Thought

Don’t beat yourself up though – that’s the important thing – if need be, back to nappies for a week. You’ll soon see your son or daughter coming back to you when the nappy becomes uncomfortable for them to wear when it’s wet or dirty.

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